LIVES THAT MATTER : on cinematic documents that prevail.

Above is the link to my new essay on a host of powerful films that more than honours the diversity of our lives and some of them can be easily accessible given our current circumstances.

It has been first published as part of my essay collection A LETTERED SOUL on Wattpad and is simultaneously shared here for my readers, like it always happens.

From classics of the Indian pantheon and meditations on isolation and domestic abuse( issues which have become much sought after as a result of quarantine) to some of the most potent documentaries of our times, it’s indeed an eclectic  series of reflections on cinema, literary history and culture. Plus, there is the brilliant output by Hannah Gadsby that flows like a stream of present consciousness shaped by personal manifestos and to conclude, there’s an Oscar winning short film that every urban resident of apartment blocks can easily identify with.

So read it and share your thoughts.



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