‘The Lunchbox’: A modern, humanist film

By Prithvijeet Sinha

Soaked in silences, The Lunchbox is uplifting modern cinema that stays true to its humanist heart and hardly loses touch with it. It bundles wit, personal discovery, practical wisdom and unrequited desires.

‘The Lunchbox’: A modern, humanist film

My essay on THE LUNCHBOX and its sense of alienation, humanity all amid the hustle and bustle of city life has been published by CAFE DISSENSUS. It’s a work that I feel has so much to say about the current moment in time as also about our collective universality of urban living.

I feel grateful and greatly acknowledged.

Read it and share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “‘The Lunchbox’: A modern, humanist film

  1. I loved Lunchbox, more so because i know Michael, film’s cinematographer. And remember that time when he was in India and i in Mumbai.
    Looking forward to read a lot more from you Prithvi. Hope you are doing good.


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