Sometimes, I feel that the muses truly honour my hard work and sheer affinity for art. On that front, I am very happy to share that LOTHLORIEN POETRY JOURNAL, a constant supporter of my works, has been kind enough to publish my two poems BEJEWELLED and PARADISE, in a latest anthology book inspired by Edward Hopper’s iconic painting NIGHTHAWKS.

That’s more than anything I could hope for and the occasion is particularly special as NIGHTHAWKS is legitimately an artwork I have appreciated for many years. So to have my poems within an anthology that celebrates its creative primacy along with the ensemble of poems that have already graced the journal in previous months is very special indeed.

Remember, BEJEWELLED and PARADISE had found a place in LOTHLORIEN in August, 2022. So to be selected for this special edition is a gift. I am deeply indebted to the ever-considerate, prolific editor and friend, Strider Marcus Jones Sir, for his vision and capacious literary heart.


You can also support all poets featured there and the journal in general by buying it on That will be the most generous acknowledgement of an effort of this nature.

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