My essay/movie review on THE MOTHER OF 1084, a seminal novel written by Mahashweta Devi turned into an equally gripping feature film in 1998, has been published by BORDERLESS JOURNAL.

I want readers to imbibe the socio-political, cultural aspects that are part of the work and ponder upon the fate of the mother-son bond besieged by external factors, portrayed here, and the churning within society that counters the kind of complacent bourgeois arrogance they both encounter at home. This in particular is exemplified by aura of the epoch of Communism it addresses and implications of following ideologies beyond the beck and call of everyday life.


Mahashweta Devi always represented the marginalized through her impassioned writings and fiery, uncompromising activism for almost nine decades of her life and her legacy in truthfully mirroring our world is at its most potent in HAZAAR CHAURASI KI MAA.

As discerning readers and cinephiles, I will sincerely urge you to read the book and watch the feature film adaptation. Also take away distinct points from my own views in the article below and share your thoughts.

The Circle of life: The Silence of Motherhood


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