This is a poem that adorns my poetry collection SALT OF THE EARTH based on the heartwarming and socially conscious cinematic masterpiece MUDBOUND(2017) . It impacted me so much I decided to design a poetry collection around it on Wattpad, the worldwide community that I have been publishing my works on since 2015. This is the title poem that encapsulates MUDBOUND for me and I thought it was crucial I share this poem with you all on my blog that has now become my other sanctuary for creative expression.


They saved prejudices in harvests of suffering here,
Till a flash brought all homeless
Salt of the earth,
sour, dour, palmed by brown hands,
and sickels and grass carried in pickup trucks.

At the end of his patience,
that beautiful face cracked some more,
into chapped fragments of the South.
Boot ends stuck in patches of Mississippi codes and gnarled words.

The bluejay was hunted then
and southern winds, forceful, made her shed her covering.
For blue was the norm here.

The Post War Poem lifeless and written on rotting spines of field hands.

Blind were gazes counting a hundred year’s wages
and Mary cried,
for she was outstripped of her halo.

Friends, see them hammered by chisels of segregated homes
Faces, places become a collage of deeds undone and histories warped.
Till coloured pages are ridden of prejudice for two days at a time,
and rimmed glasses watch history cut in unfavorable shares,
in one fell swoop.

Go preach the gospel of mud
for in the element,
a storied life said hello
as Southern skies remained stoic grey
and grey persisted.


As I went through a gallery of images from the movie, I designed each line of this poem around them. Hence, this is the final work.

** – the following is the link to the whole poetry collection SALT OF THE EARTH. Do read it and share your thoughts. I have tried to funnel the same soulful rhythm of MUDBOUND through my artistic lens.

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