Introductions, for me, are the most betokened curtain raisers. Cue the nervous throb in the chest, a mini quake in the legs, the frisson of being true to our fortes and strengths but not knowing if a first impression is really a myth or a life defining rite of passage. Truth is we take our introductions and in turn ourselves for granted often or way too seriously.

My point is how do we eke out a space to announce delicately and with utmost decency that we have entered the millennial room in a boom of millions and have something to draw attentions to our private selves? After years of filling my registers with writings and taking the route of a worldwide phenomenon as Wattpad since 2015 to unleash my creative force, I have understood that there is no burden that should become our arrivals’ calling card. Yes we are ready to share our works and worlds with a public comprising with teeming opinions but these are foremost voices of empathy in the majority , waiting to add a new crescendo to the ascending spirals of the written word and dutifully introducing a new member to a larger group, a discerning audience that seeks to add to the interpersonal dialogue. That respect to the collective that accords recognition to this most fundamental desire to put pen to paper is the first stepping stone to realizing that a private musing, when distributed to even two others on our radar, is betokened and beholden for some impact. When we create, we seek out the best and clear eyed representation of ourselves. That is the introduction which has the potential to see us through thickets of insecurity. Not just the grammar or punctuation but the joy of sharing our words. Like Julie Powell did with her unlikely food blog in a quest to master her idol Julia Child’s gastronomic delights and gave herself the raw zeal to succeed with the power of her words.

For this first step forward, I refuse to put a bracket to this writing itself as merely a blog post. For me the medium is the message sans any one label. This space is my gateway to enter the larger world out there and so it is a possibility. In the relentless tinkering with the anonymity of our widely connected virtual spaces, this is a beginning. As I do not endorse the idea of using the pronoun I as regards to myself, I believe a collective ours befits an introduction that goes from my wellspring to other discerning souls. This is my panorama and I will share all my first and impressionable loves with you all : cinema, poetry, literature, my city and my musings about life borne out of the idea of translating words into action. I did live up to my self professed vow and here I am, a new peer plunging into the chronicle of the personal and the universal. Till then, this is me Prithvijeet signing off. Till the next amalgamation of words adorns this clear, pristine space.

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