These videos of the great Smita Patil capture her in a posthumous documentary form, as host of a special musical programme featuring Lata Mangeshkarji on Doordarshan, honouring her beginnings on the national channel, and while dubbing for Satyajit Ray’s Sadgati with her co-star Om Puri and the master in attendance respectively.

This is such a treasure trove. Rare imagery as this must be cherished and wonderfully blessed are we to behold them.

Also the FILMS DIVISION documentary on NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA is a treat, a beautiful illustration of the legendary institution. Watch out for such legends as DEEPA SAHI, NEENA GUPTA, HIMANSHI SHIVPURI and RATNA PATHAK as students there while SUREKHA SIKRI and PANKAJ KAPOOR call the shots in footage of their stage performances.

In the case of the first two Smita Patil clips not being available to view here due to the original channel’s guidelines, go straight to YouTube and type Smita documentary from FILMS DIVISION and Smita Patil-Lata Mangeshkar DD show.

Bless yourself with a productive weekend with these valuable visual documents.