For the third year in a row, I have received the wonderful chance to have my poem grace an anthology edited by the always prolific Anita Nahal Ma’am. The first was NURSERY RHYMES AND CHILDREN’S POEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD that featured LULLABY and WISH UPON A STAR in 2021 and the other was PIXIE DUST AND ALL THINGS MAGICAL that gave credence to my poems GREETINGS TO MR. BRUNO and HAPPY GHOSTS, in 2022.

SOUL SPACES: POEMS ON CITIES, TOWNS & VILLAGES is the name of the anthology that has been currently curated and brought to global notice by Nahal Ma’am and a host of other eminent literary figures whom I have read and shared pages with in several journals and anthologies. My evolution affixed with their guidance has made me achieve laurels.

Hence to have my poem LUCKNOW- AN ODE TO THE CITY- grace its space is a special feat for me on a personal level. My affinity for the classical nature of my city is in a mould I continue to nurture anew each day. The poem is indeed an ode to its place in my heart and by extension to all those who have been held aloft with its aesthetic beauty and unique cultural position. It’s a harbinger of a distinct affinity to art in general.

After having recited it at the prestigious Metaphor Litfest apropos of Lucknow Literary Festival, 2021, published it in my departmental journal Rhetorica Quarterly in late 2020 and read it again at a pre-Convocation ceremony hosted by my home department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow just last month, this recognition from readers of all hues has made the poem beloved.

Thank you to all for the support and love. Here’s to the undying strength of POETRY & CREATIVITY.




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