I am awed by the certificate of appreciation that was awarded to me by MODPO, a ten-week, beautifully curated course from the University of Pennsylvania that celebrated Modern American Poetry. Hence the abbreviation of MODPO.

I am very happy to earn this certificate owing to my sustained commitment through each week, in the discussion forums where each participant deduced, discussed and shared ideas about the poems, through peer reviews in appreciation of others’ output and in the form of detailed essays on the assigned poems. Each part gave me the thrill of nurturing my own craft and reading masterworks from established names in the canon, many of whom I had known before but experienced first-hand for the very first time.

Most importantly, this course helped me to live up to my credo of ‘being a student of life’ and I’m looking forward to rejoining the literary bandwagon from January, 2023 again, for an extension of this course.

Thank you MODPO for ensuring my mind was adequately occupied with all things poetic. I’m forever grateful to the whole team, especially Al Sir.


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