Take a closer look
from these wide open windows.
Never was it necessary
for only lust
to close its fists,
slither away
and lay inside
closed, darkened rooms.

Bonds can be multiple,
often so simple and lucid
that human maneuvers
and a whole life’s agonising weight
cannot bind them in knots.

Some knots have to be opened.
Some threads don’t have to
overlap or get entangled
with each other.
They remain liberated,
free from the necessity of dictated


There is or isn’t every worldly desire
in us
but an internal echo
that we identify as our very own.
Those of us
who pay no obeisance
to pleasures of the flesh.

For we have taken
as our figurehead
a God
who is found
among the winds,
the birds,
the innocent cackle
of being children at heart.

Recognise us.


Turn towards us
and see.
Life wills itself
to move out of closed rooms
and shuttered windows,
to breathe free,
without holding us captive
to the surrender
of putting hands
on other bodies,
or making us
desirous of a heavy consequence.

Our souls
fly skyward,
like a boundless kite
against heavy currents
of the day and age.

Our souls fly
desirous of nothing
and yet everything precious,
like a vagrant heart
true to itself.


This poem is an honest and humble attempt at personalising my existence as an asexual, aromantic individual within a world of binaries and hypersexual cultural totems. May all the ‘aces’ find representation in these words.


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