Today as I returned home from work, I received the physical copy of Anita Nahal Ma’am’s excellent book of prose poetry titled WHAT’S WRONG WITH US KALI WOMEN?

My copy of the poetry book. This is such a special feeling to have it in physical form.

She was kind enough to bestow the honour of writing its review to me and it got published by SETU BILINGUAL JOURNAL, a review I have shared earlier here. I am including the link below so that you can read it again.


So I am very grateful to her and hope this journey continues to flourish, with her experience and literary guidance enlightening me in the future. One must remember that she is the co-editor of an upcoming anthology which will carry two of my poems and was instrumental in publishing my two poems DREAM and WISH UPON A STAR in the children’s anthology NURSERY RHYMES AND CHILDREN’S POEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD that was published in February, 2020. It has since become a part of so many of my well wishers and relatives’ bookshelves. In a nutshell, it was overall a hugely successful collection for all contributors and readers.

So thank you once again to you Ma’am for being such a strong source of support. We writers always need that and I personally appreciate that in droves.

I am proud to hold this book close to my heart and recommend all of you to read it and order your own personal copies too.


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