I wrote these lines at the behest of my father on his Facebook page, to ring in the historic Gold Medal victory of Neeraj Chopra at the Olympics.

Even before his first event commenced, I had predicted that the young lad would claim his golden share. Blame it on my instincts but I expected nothing less from this world champion who I had read extensively about, over the years. So let’s celebrate his jubilant victory along with his undying hard work and dedication to the sport of javelin.


“His mind calm as a steady river, his movements and rhythm like the very wind, this young man gave us the poetry of pure athleticism.

The Golden Hour of 2020 Olympics came with the force of victory. Hail NEERAJ CHOPRA for becoming the first Indian to win a Gold Medal in Javelin. I’ve never felt the adrenaline rush of victory for the country like this.



  1. How awesome, P. J. (“huckleberry friend’), for this historic Gold Medal Victory of Neeraj Chopra for India at the Olympics! The Olympics are always an infectious time of victorious “golden moments.” I had a discussion with a friend about the Olympics, wherein I told him that the “real” heroes are those who are tirelessly working to help the less fortunate ones and NOT receiving gold, silver, bronze, or really ANY medal, for their tireless work. My friend told me that these Olympic athletes have sacrificed a whole lot to get to the Olympics and they really are heroes, as well. It was a good point from my friend and I took note. I still stand by the “real” heroes being those who sacrifice so much not for their own selfish gains but for the selfless gains of helping those less fortunate. As a nonhuman animal welfare advocate for God, I desire NO medal of any kind with my name on it but only a “medal” that would inscribe the words, “Having extended love, compassion and mercy to God’s nonhuman animals.” That would be a victorious “golden moment” and one GOLD medal I would desire to wear my whole life long!💕🐾

    Love and blessings always, your “huckleberry friend,”
    Timothy (Mr. T or Comrade T or BOTH)

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  2. absolutely Prithvi. Such energy he is exuberating like light itself. Beautiful it was to look at him- i went through his insta profile and was mesmerised with his choices, simple small steps. Beautiful, inspiring day for India. This is going to change how parents will see the sports from here on.

    Thank you for sharing
    Nara x

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