This afternoon, I opened my email page and was greeted with the most pleasant surprise.

My poem SHE ONCE BLOOMED LIKE THE DAISY, previously published on Wattpad and on my WordPress blog last year, was chosen by eminent poet Strider Marcus Jones, a man I’ve known since the last six years, in LOTHLORIEN POETRY JOURNAL VOLUME 1- THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE PEN. My poem was also included earlier on the journal.

It’s an anthology that comprises of many other poets whose works have been culled from the Lothlorien Journal corpus published in the last few months, by Mr. Jones himself. One should know he’s the esteemed founder-editor of the journal.

I thank him and this indeed has added more vigour and tinges of encouragement to my prolific literary journey.

What’s more wonderful is that the book is available online too so discerning readers can buy it and spread the word. In a year where two of my poems DREAMS and WISH UPON A STAR have been published in the bestselling anthology NURSERY RHYMES AND CHILDREN’S POEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, edited by Anita Nahal and Meenakshi Mohan, and diversified my portfolio, this only enhances the curve for me and several of my talented fellow peers.

So read the poems, share this link and make sure to spread the word. Always stand up for poetry and creativity manifold.



I am including the link to the page, on which the book is available to be bought along with other pivotal details.



  1. Beautifully haunting poem, PJ! Words like “but an absence of speech is a powerful call for action” and “patriarchy” make me think of my Calling for and Purpose of being a nonhuman animal welfare advocate for God. Because of nonhuman animals’ “absence of speech,” I am able to speak up for them (“a powerful call for action”). Because of the “patriarchy,” wherein toxic masculinity speaks ridiculously that to be compassionate toward God’s nonhuman animals is “feminine,” I can Calling for and Purpose of BOTH “masculine” AND “feminine” to speak up for them (“a powerful call to action”). If indeed all of this be true, I not only “once bloomed like a daisy” but also am “currently bloomed like a daisy” (BOTH) for God’s nonhuman animals. I’m kinda in awe at how much your writing gets published. If I’m being honest, I suppose there is a tinge of envy and jealousy (BOTH) that shows up. And maybe it’s not just a tinge of BOTH but an avalanche! So, instead of a Calling for and Purpose of envy and jealousy (BOTH), let me just Calling for and Purpose of BOTH how proud I am of you AND how happy I am that your writing is published and can shed much-needed light on darkened hearts and darkened minds (BOTH?) with your unparalleled creativity!

    Love and blessings, “huckleberry friend to the rainbow’s end,”
    Timothy (Mr. T)


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