“Every summer is a road-trip,
a joyride kindled for love
and every sight is a gift
made from the Hands above.

So, oh, what better time to be young.
Hey, oh, it’s time to be Young.

A time to go with the flow,
sailing above the sun’s wrinkled glow
and lovers’ nests may be plenty
but the greatest stories are written
on the road.

So, say, oh!!
What better time to be young,
Hey, oh!
it’s time to be young!
The children of summer,

And just like that,
we played his favourite tune
as if it was the beginning
of his tenth year,
”the first time is the one you never
and as I heard it then,
I knew the song
would stick in my ears”

bidding farewell to his setting sun’s
wrinkled glow,
had his last wishes,
“one that you don’t put my last address as my deathbed
and second that you always play this song,
even when the world ends”

The song that addressed life as a road trip unto itself,
the greatest tune that he first heard
while out with the brood,
on a trip to the hills.


Last summer,
he played it again
and again on the stereo.
Grandpa was with us,
to visit his June retreat
and had never seemed as happy,
singing in his sweetest timbre
and harkening to his days of prime
as a choir boy.

What a day it was,
passing through the valley of life,
almost chanting his favourite lines
then moderating our humming
with his spoken word reiteration,
as the song lulled him to an afternoon nap.

“See to it, my girl
and look intently towards it,
my boys,
come what may,
play ‘it’s time to be young,
the children of summer’
till the end of your days”

The song is life
The song is love
A gift and a promise,
sent from the hands above.

So we play it,
play it again and hum,
‘it’s time to be young,
the children of summer’


NOTE:  this poem is designed as a gift of nostalgia and familial bonds, with  imagined song lyrics based on a road trip, traversing the journey of life itself.

2 thoughts on “PLAY ‘IT’S TIME TO BE YOUNG’

  1. This is probably your most accessible poem I’ve read so far, PJ. It speaks volumes of our youth and our innocence and how some of us might have lost all of that against our will. I know I did. I’ve never been on to enjoy “family road trips” or a family gathering. When these things are brought to my attention, whether it be a travel together or a Christianing or a baby shower or a wedding or something along those lines, I balk at the invitations. I say it’s the introvert in me, and there is certainly much truth to that. But it’s also the pain of my youth and the pain of the loss of my innocence that has me running for the hills. More than anything, though, it’s a lack of forgiveness for those who should have protected me against all that loss against my will. But I’ve come to know God’s Will supersedes my will and that what has transpired in my past has all been according to His Will. And it’s provided me with a testimony! It’s provided me a golden God-given opportunity to have a message in my “messes,” a testimony in my “tests.” Along these lines, I am going to be speaking my testimony, “Timothy’s Testimony,” on September 13th at my recovery meeting. It will show all present (might even just show me, and that’s perfectly okay) how far I’ve come from where I’ve been, how so much pain and so much heartache, although still present, is so slowly but so surely and so patiently becoming but so a distant memory. It’s what you so aptly call in this poem:

    The song is life
    The song is love
    A gift and a promise,
    sent from the hands above.

    The only thing I would change about the above 4 lines of your poem is to capitalize most of it:

    The Song is Life
    The Song is Love
    A Gift and a Promise
    sent from The Hands Above.

    I hope you didn’t mind me doing that with your words. It just felt so “right,” so essential and, oh SO, necessary 😉

    Love and blessings, “huckleberry friend,”
    Timothy (Mr. T)

    PS: There’s one word that Enneagram 4’s like myself love to use, and that is the word, “so.” It’s that intensity about us! I’m never prone to be just happy or sad or mad or glad; I seem to always be prone to be just SO happy, SO sad, SO mad, or SO glad. That said, I’ve always appreciated about myself that I am one who is SO MUCH intensity AND SO MUCH sensitivity (BOTH). I just wish I could balance better BOTH of those! 🤷‍♂️


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