Oh, it’s such a thrill to have two of my poems, namely TWO DROPS and TRAJECTORIES, ACROSS BORDERS, grace the wonderful DREICH MAGAZINE, a publication I always wanted to be a part of.

I thank the team behind Dreich for making that wish come true and deeming my works fit for publication.

Of course, it goes without saying that both the poems were originally published by me on Wattpad and so this reiteration in another medium enhances their impact. Read them both, spread the word and share your thoughts.


Also, a print copy of the issue will reach me soon so I will share that news with you all in due course of time.




  1. Congratulations, PJ, on BOTH publications of your BOTH poems! I hope you know it does this “BOTH” guy very proud of you!๐Ÿ˜‰

    As a recovering alcoholic, I know all about the TWO DROPS. They say in recovery circles, โ€œOne drink (two drops) is too many, a thousand (drops) not enough.” I went to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings for many, many years, but I could not stop drinking those two drops and a thousand drops. It took going to Celebrate Recovery, a 12-step Christian-based program, to finally get sober. I am now sober from alcohol over a year now! Thank you, JESUS!!!!

    TRAJECTORIES, ACROSS BORDERS was very appropriate for me to read today on the heels of NOMADLAND. Yes, an R.V. and being a gypsy knows no borders. And maybe THE NO MAN’S LAND is the “not Home Sweet Home….yet” I alluded to in my film review of NOMADLAND? Ironically, I drive a van that looked a lot like Fern’s van. Maybe I’ll get to moving on and moving forward in my van for “Home Sweet Home?” I would need to ask my two cats, Conrad and Groucho, and my dog, Blue, what they think about that. I’m not going to be moving on for moving forward without them, that’s for sure!๐Ÿพ

    Once again, congratulations on the BOTH publications of your BOTH poems, PJ. Exceptional and exemplary (BOTH) are you as a writer of verse. Each verse is a sigh of such a “R”elief you bring to my faith, my hope, and my love (“these three remain such a ‘R’elief….but the greatest of these such a ‘R’elief is LOVE!” [1 Corinthians 13:13]).

    LOVE and blessings, my such a “R”elief “huckleberry friend,”
    Timothy (Mr. T)


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