4 thoughts on “LUCKNOW- AN ODE TO THE CITY

  1. Lucknow is lucky to have you:) What a beautiful tribute. A very meaningful piece. I hope this message also finds you and yours very well.
    Take care


  2. Hi PJ:

    It’s always a challenge for me to watch you speaking your poems because as much as I am drawn in by your beautiful words, I’m equally drawn in by your beautiful eyes. In fact, your eyes tell me you have been a very, very, very longtime voyager, as your poem details, down many hallways and many excursions, learning much for your soul’s healing along the way. I get compliments on my eyes a lot for their color and such, but I do not believe my eyes tell of a journey that has come as far and winding as your journey. My journey, at least in this mortal body, has been difficult and sometimes downright devastating but long? Not sure about that one, and not sure how much longer I do have to go. I wonder where we are heading next? I wonder what’s around the bend, my huckleberry friend? Is it “moon river” I see in your eyes? Maybe you see “moon river” in my eyes? I’m eager to find out where we might venture next, and I do hope you will invite me along for this journey we are on together! I can listen to you speak so eloquently all day long….or all journey long! 😉

    Love and blessings, Timothy (“Mr. T”)


    1. How in the world did you guess that MOON RIVER is my absolute favourite lullaby that I sing to myself almost every day. That line, “waiting ’round the bend/ my Huckleberry friend” is my personal favourite. It’s a miracle that you quoted that line. We sure are telepathic voyagers, Mr. T. My, this is such a blessing. You see, God is in the details, as we say.

      Thank you so much for your support and appreciation, always.

      You know what, I’m going to record myself singing MOON RIVER next, in the next few hours. It will be a gift for you and especially to myself.

      MOON RIVER and SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW are, I believe, lullabies essentially which every child/person must know.

      Thank you once again for this union of creativity.


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