I once again share the written form of my spoken word piece published few weeks ago. This is the second and concluding part of the poem that is a tribute to my deceased birds who I absolutely, thoroughly miss. May they rest in peace.


Your memories are dredged up,

I put them by the shore of my grief.

I let them settle on a ship,

to long island

that perhaps will never come back,

with your last words.

I shore them by my mind’s eye,

I see them in these leaves,

right under where I buried you.


I haven’t come to my favourite


my own Eden,

to not interfere with your soul’s


or with your soul’s passage.

But I know

that you see me,

right by the bark of this tree,

right where I never got the chance

to bring you,

to put you right in the bounty

of this nature.

All I have to say is,

You are beloved,

You are loved

You are my children,

residing right in the hole

of this heart

and the whole of this spirit,

from where your bodies have flown



There is a darkness

But there is also a winter light,

bright, shimmering

that has kept me alive.

So while I dredge up memories

of our joy,

I put them in my heart’s shelves,

opening them and keeping you alive

and awake,

forever and ever.

For after all,

we are all birds in paradise,

flying off to our very own




  1. BEAUTIFUL POEM, PJ! When I watched the spoken word poem video first, I didn’t know this was referring to the passing of your beloved birds. After reading this poem and watching the video again, I wept. And please know that you have my heart when it comes to “your children.” I rescued homeless dogs in Austin, Texas, and I had many dogs pass away for various reasons, some unexpected, some me making the decision to put them down. Whatever the reason, it left a hole in my heart that I grieved TREMENDOUSLY! I still do.

    I remember sitting in a church one day and the pastor said that we would not see our pets in Heaven. It took all my strength inside of me to not stand up in that church at that moment and scream out to this pastor, “Where in the Bible does it say that?!?!?!” The fact is it does NOT say that in the Bible, but what it does say that in the Garden of Eden you referenced in your poem, there were animals there that God had Adam name. If God created animals and saw, “that it was good” (Genesis 1:25), and if God had Adam name the animals, I am most gratefully assured that I WILL see my departed pets in Heaven. This pastor, God bless him, is an idiot, and I am sure I am not the only one in that church that day who was devastated to hear that pastor say that. Pets are our children, whether well-meaning Christians believe that or not, and I totally adore and love my cat, Conrad, and my dog, Blue.

    Once again, another connection you have made with me, PJ. I am a HUGE animal welfare advocate and I am always raising up my voice for the voiceless!

    Love and blessings,


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