COURAGE UNDER FIRE: my essay on ZERO DARK THIRTY has been published by SCREEN QUEENS.

We all know about Kathryn Bigelow’s intensely mounted whole of the hunt for world’s enemy no.1 in a gruelling post 9/11 era, by American forces in ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012)

I had watched the screen adaptation culled from accurate facts back in the day and written about it in 2015 in my notebook. That manner of writing everything down in my notebooks first before typing and then sending my essays/poems/articles for publication remains.

So I was overjoyed when one of my articles on ZERO DARK THIRTY finally got published by SCREEN QUEENS yesterday. More than the thrill of having it grace the pivotal publication where I felt it perfectly belonged, I wanted more people to know about the painstaking efforts of the agent Maya (Jessica Chastain in an Oscar nominated and Golden Globe winning performance) who headed this decade long mission before justice was served in 2011.

So I thank the team at SCREEN QUEENS and all readers who make it possible for me to put my thoughts in one cohesive written capsule and share them with the world.

ZERO DARK THIRTY is a must watch experience and so those who haven’t seen it must do so at the earliest. It recreates one of this century’s historic events.

Read my written output here and share your thoughts. Thank you.
I have included the link to the article above, the one in blue.

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