Your’s truly has been devoting these extra hours to more soul-searching and is committing each thought to the store of words, whether personal or emerging from popular culture.

I thought this will be a good time to hark back to two of my earliest essays published on my WATTPAD collection A LETTERED SOUL, going back to mid 2017.

These two essays hence trace personal narratives through some of the best poetry and songcraft espoused in Hindi cinematic cannon. I will share more in coming days. I think they convey a lot of what we may be experiencing in the current scenario, subconsciously and even directly .

So read them and share your thoughts. I am enclosing the links to the original essays on WATTPAD below. Go to the fourth and fifth essays from the contents. Those two are the ones I intend you to read entitled THE HEART IS AN ISOLATED ISLAND and THE VERDANT HEART SETS ITSELF FREE respectively.


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