LUCKNOW , my poem published in GNOSIS JOURNAL in 2018, is being shared by me here.

The biggest emotional fillip for me to begin this blog in June 2018 was not just my inherent knack for writing ; above and beyond that, a series of publications chose to accept and then publish my works since that very year and the journey has been truly worthwhile. That was the period when my works became a part of the public domain and the reception and constructive feedback has only delivered a boost to my confidence in terms of my literary pursuits.

Not only readers but distinguished editorial teams and experienced individuals have believed in my hard work and craft and at the end of the day, genuine appreciation goes a long way. So I tip my hat to all of them collectively. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t even begin to encapsulate my gratitude. Looking back, I feel lucky and blessed to have your support with each new endeavour.

So to present an example of that shining new beginning that spearheaded my career goal of being published by journals and magazines while not being limited to any one genre, I share with you the first poem that was deemed fit for publication outside the domain of my self-published corpus on WATTPAD since 2015.

LUCKNOW, published in GNOSIS JOURNAL in April, 2018, gave credence to my burning desire to share my gifts with the world as also made me honour my first love of poetry. As the title itself makes it clear, it’s a work that celebrates the epic vitality of my city as it serves as a muse and undying source of inspiration to countless creative souls. This is my effort to capture an insider’s view and a personalized core of its overall glory.

So read it and share your thoughts.



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