It is my pleasure to share a piece of my heart in the form of this poem which I had created during one free period in school amid chatter and din of classroom efficacy. Within that din, I vicariously entered the mind of a have not struggling with pangs of poverty and realised there is a flip side to all the privilege and support I had been lucky to be sorrounded by. This is about a child pining for a piece of hope, away from the din of her own lifestyle.



Wish upon a star in the moonlight beam,
that enters from the window into the dour, grey walls of a hut.
Like a moment of the conscience’s sweet dream.

Wish for the moon to come and play with me,
in my filthy playground smeared with soot,
filled with smells and squalor .

Tell the wind to pass by my dark, lifeless avenue of rags and sadness pangs.
Tell it to flutter my torn skirt’s edges in the melancholy ‘s midnight hour.

The night has set,
my lonely eyes search for a world.
It lies beyond my slum,
From where the fumes like a dragon rise
and howl with an overarched brow over my grey locality .

That world is a dream too harsh to realise .

But you, Keeper of the World ,
the next time I look up at those twinkling stars in the sky,
Close my drooping eyes in the wish of a sweet dream,
The wish not realised and wake up,
I hope to find myself in your booming garden of toys ,gifts and love.

Even if its for a brief moment ,
a tiny moment ,
away from my downtrodden realm .


NOTE : this was originally published in 2015 on Wattpad as part of my poetry collection WHISTLING CHIMES.