This poem is a tribute to the exemplary courage and worldviews of Malala Yousafzai.


Thunder was his stride
In observing tact lay my pride.
With limbs outstretched, I wanted to fly
His shadow cut me short.
Father’s, brothers and guardian angels,where do I then take my flight?

I never was told to take my steps back,
but knew my way was in walking around silent fortresses.
A walled city fortified by roving eyes.

Yet I prevailed.
I raised my voice,
pipped their power.
Fathers, brothers and guardian angels told me
to maintain a dignified, shy, cool, feminine, womanly honour.

I defied their every word.

Armaments of hate,
instruments of rebuke aimed at me,
they hovered around.
Watched my every move with bloodshot eyes.

As if I knew my moon had stains on it.
My old man told me otherwise.
He said, “don’t let the desolate apex tear you down,
you were meant to break stereotypes.”
On most fine days,
eagles circled my sparse valley’s upper reaches,
looking for prey.
A muffled giggle passed my lips
Weren’t we too preys down here in our own sanctuaries?
Bombs and guns sheared our spirits
only if he could see it was not fear of death that held us captive.
It was the nightmare of disrobing veils of silence which outraged our modesties.

For a century, we bowed our heads in shame
Prostrated at the feet of our lords, masters and commanders
Bore them a generation to stake their manhood on.
A feudal twirl of the moustache informing the world of their invincibility.
then our doors were latched

That was it,our work was done, they said
“Dare to cross your thresholds, and you will know”.

I, with head held high,
with eyes sparkling bright,
led the doors ajar.
Caught on the wrong side of barbed fences and ripe age,
I read the psalm of enlightenment,
took the pen to be mightier than their rough edged swords.

Till one betokened day saw me bloodied,
half dead on sand dunes of time.

“Choke her last breath of resilience,
look down thy imperious comrades of God’s will,
at her trembling, wincing self”.
Wielding weapons of impotency,they sneered at me.

A cold shiver passed down my spine.
A few moments ago, my life flashed before my eyes,
Never for once did the hardships strain them.
But was it all for nothing?


I was dead till I awoke.
A new day embraced me in its bosom.
Taking me by my hands,
made me climb every stage where my voice trebled.

In the blink of an eye,I was the ambassador of faith.
Shadows of silence had crept out of my skin and stood bare,
before every crooked eye , vulgate mouth, pointing finger.

I was born to crusade.
I became the light that gives way to darkness.
I took the nobel token in my hands.

Don’t spare your rods the chance to hit me hard if I fall on your path.
But fear the light of my virtue.
Look at how my flame becomes our fireball.

See your serrated edges melt,
as I etch our names on the sand dunes of time.


NOTE : my first poem ever, published on WHISTLING CHIMES, my poetry collection on Wattpad in 2015.