This is an excellent essay on the manner in which tales written by women, for women can make a far more progressive dent in a still male centric dominion and how change can only be wrought by representation behind and in front of the camera.

I appreciate Andrea Thompson, the writer, who already writes prolifically for CHICAGO INDEPENDENT FILM CRITICS CIRCLE and this essay graces the BALDER AND DASH segment on ROGER EBERT’s website and is full of examples of contemporary films making a difference in the service of bridging gender GAP, many of which I have watched . As for me, Mr. Ebert is one of my all time inspirations when it comes to writings on film. So put together, this is food for thought that has all the right notes for readers.

** the above photo is from the original article by the writer.

Above is the link( in blue) to the essay. So read it and share your thoughts. Also read other essays / articles by Ms. Andrea.

* this photo of the author Andrea Thompson is courtesy her website THE YOUNG FOLKS.


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