160 posts, flurries of words, spontaneous instances of wordplay and the zeal to commit to the written word despite limitations of time, personal setbacks and other assorted roadblocks.

These and the bottomless support and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas from readers add up to a composite whole for this writer, who has, today completed a full year of writing on this WordPress blog that he chose to name AN AWADH BOY’S PANORAMA : TRACING WORDS ON THESE FILIGREED, DISCERNING FINGERTIPS, honouring his empire of cultural bedrocks vis a vis the city and region (Lucknow and Awadh) he hails from and a precedent for the power of words.

Beyond the temporal distinction and the millions of words shared, there is the fire to write more, exercise more zeal and discover a wider world of ripe imaginations. So THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ, WRITE, SHARE AND MAKE THIS SANCTUARY A PERFECT STOREHOUSE OF CREATIVE Unison. To 365 days of greater urgency ahead and beyond.

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