This is a poem that I write for a beloved friend who is soon leaving for Wales, to realize his dreams of a bright and beautiful future ahead.


The wind, it flutters,

glides with signs of welcome.

The Indian summer is on its trail,

with a stranger’s familiar smiles breezily waving at these virgin isles.

Take the kisses of maternal love,

the sister’s tears of joy

and the unrehearsed sentiments of your world there.


The verdure comes to humble you there,

in the foreign shores now to become your spiritual home.

But always take the image of your city’s doorway and how it towers like a colossus over your dreams.

Fly away with your smiles,

always looking over your shoulder,

back at the glories of royalty in the city that raised you,

in the realm of the little poet who prays for you to soar in those clear skies.

The wind, it flutters.

I send it your way with the panorama of a great possibility for life.


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