This is another addition to acclaimed works of years past that I had the privilege of watching in 2018. Hopefully, for those who are uninitiated, this is an opportunity to spread the word about worthwhile cinematic approximations of life events.



THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE proves that my affinity for heart rending dramatic representations is an exercise in cathartis and sublimation of feelings that suffocate us all. Meaningful and full of human endeavour, it is measured, tactful and delineates adult loss as it is.

Halle Berry is an alchemist when it comes to conveying pathos in the minutiae of everyday gestures and Benicio Del Toro traverses the other side of the spectrum from his Oscar winning turn in Traffic as a drug addict scraping bottoms of the barrel. It is about the essential goodness in all people and those willing to go to extreme lengths to counter our darkest hours as kindred.

David Duchovny’s model citizen and family man, John Carroll Lynch’s compassionate characteristics, the role of a solicitous individual in Kelly(Alison Lohman) , a former addict who turned her life around and now looks out for Jerry ( del Toro) and the children, especially Harper, all make it a kaleidoscope of great profundity. It is as complex and striking as Berry’s very own Monster’s Ball. A perceptive and realistic reflection of human behavior, it is optimistic in its ultimate impact.


**this was my original review of the film for Google and is reproduced here . It appears in the audience review section everytime you search for THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE and is under my name PRITHVIJEET SINHA .

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