This is the review of BHUMIKA that I had originally penned on the 15th of September, 2015 in my register after viewing a marvel that marked a seismic shift in the intricacy of mooting a life story with an accomodative structure and unmooring it from high pitched drama we are used to in terms of biographical fixtures . It is revelatory in the many almost still images of Smita Patil, its lead, who burns with a passion for life and its unaccomplished left turns. The camera is placed in interior spaces, giving almost all sequences the look and ambience of a chamber piece and the prestige of the montage and a stream of consciousness prevails as the lonely soul of a celebrated individual emerges from this smoke like mystique of celebrity and simple living. It has none of the glamour today’s performers would vie for. Collectively, BHUMIKA hypnotizes one by the sheer agency of its writing and direction. Technique and storytelling are not compromised in this novelistic, breakthrough screenplay that lays siege to our minds and is most immersive as a psychological study of personalities dubbed in silences.

* * * * *

I felt I had to give you an inkling about the manner in which it is composed and so with this little synopsis, I set the stage . You have to watch it to catch my drift and will be struck by the thoroughness of its reverence for realism. Following next is the review of the film.

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